W3 Directory Builder

Link Directory / Bookmarking Plugin for WordPress

Social Bookmarking

Vote buttons are inserted (and updated) via JS/Ajax (so you can cache your pages without affecting voting functionality).

Requires W3 Votify.

Powerful Functionality

Create and edit posts/listings via JS/Ajax.

Customize your post form--change the layout and add new fields.

What's more, W3 Directory Builder gracefully handles duplicate submissions by redirecting the user to the existing page (while adding an upvote, if W3 Votify is in use).

Intuitive Settings

W3 Directory Builder makes it easy to manage its suite of features using a neatly organized and easy to use settings page.

Advanced Customization

Using W3 Directory Builder, you can create your own custom post forms. What's more, the plugin allows you to execute code in specific contexts--create, edit, duplicate, etc.

For example, you may want to execute specific code when a user submits a link that already exists or maybe you might want to store certain form fields when a post is created (as oppose to "edited").


W3 Votify

Reddit-like upvote/downvote buttons.
$0.00 – $0.00

W3 Ajax Comments

Instantly insert and update comments.
$0.00 – $0.00

Browser Extension Generator

Create Firefox and Chrome web extensions
$29.99 – $49.00

Check out out our W3DB-powered social bookmarking site, Votable.




Support and updates for only 1 Site.

Ideal for individuals who only need W3 Directory Builder for a single site.

Valid for one year.

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Support and updates for up to 3 Sites

Ideal for freelancers and agencies who need W3 Directory Builder for multiple sites.

Valid for one year.

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Hire Us

We can help you install and/or customize W3 Directory Builder on your site.

Basic installation and setup starts at $50 / per site.

Customization requires a custom quote, but it can be as little as $70.


Please contact us to get started.

Note: We don't provide any design services, but we can make minor layout and content modifications (as opposed to creating an entire web site).

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